Addictions are general about satisfying a need.  You find comfort in fulfilling that need but can almost hate yourself afterwards, depending on how intense your addiction is, for 'giving in' to the temptation.


It doesn't have to be biscuits you are addicted to - it can equally be chocolate and sweet things or just as easily high starch savoury foods that make you feel full.  You can also be addicted to alcholol and habits like gambling or shopping.

For some, if it is some kind of food substance you are addicted to it transpires that while you might be full, you are not actually satisfied.  It could be that the food you are taking in, which will probably be considered a healthy diet (the chances are if you are reading this you are concerned about active health care and that includes a healthy diet) is not actually satifying your needs in some way and creating a feeling of dissatisfaction interpreted as hunger.

It could be that you are feeling emotionally empty and interpreting that as substance hunger.

When you use this method you can benefit afrom a multi therapy approach that can satify, emotiona, bio-chemical and nutritional needs where appropriate to you.

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