Celebratory Tips from Your Nutritional Therapist

xmas feast

At this time of year any nutritional therapist would run the risk of public pillory if they advised you to go without your favourite Christmas Fare.
So if the current economic climate and the promise of deep financial cuts in the New Year don’t deter you from the usual festive indulgences, here’s a few tips to help you alleviate your bodily sufferings should you need them.

Foods: if you are heading for the traditional Full Monty Christmas meal, try to have a little less on the plate and support your festive diet with smaller meals throughout the day. Be sure to have a breakfast preferably of wholegrain cereal or fresh fruits or yogurt and leave a little room for supper.

Try to include plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains throughout the few days.

Avoid drinking too much liquid with your meals…whatever you drink sip it slowly…too much fluid dilutes the digestive enzymes making it hard work for your digestion. Get a few litres of pure still water in and have a few glasses spread throughout the day preferably between meals. This will help prevent dehydration and will help you shed the toxics. Remember beside the alcohol extra cups of tea and coffee add to dehydration.

Alcohol: whatever you favourite tipple it’s worth mentioning that research has shown that well filtered purer vodka gives less hangover symptoms but that doesn’t mean you can hit it…take note that vodka is responsible for keeping Russian and Polish alcohol rehabs busy!

Try lighter wines below 12% by volume…those above 12% may taste more robust but remember they are heavy man….and a heavy wine with heavy food = a heavy head!
As for beers stick with lighter ales and beers wherever possible…remember lager is the iron brew of beers. Why not even try non alcoholic beers and wines at least on some of the days.

Finally, get plenty of rest…remember Christmas is also a holiday as well as a festive time but because of the many changes to our routines, the pre Christmas rush with parties and shopping and interactions with seldom seen relatives and friends, we get stressed out! So plan in some strategic rest and do this away from the telly! Take in a few walks weather permitting and get some fresh air and exercise. Try and spend at least one evening away from the house even if that means going to a show or finding a quiet pub (will there be any? you may be surprised). Or go to a Yule Tide Gathering let out the old and ring in the new…there’s one planned at the Mind and Body centre on the 21st December Winter Solstice Night. If you can’t make one of these try and include at least one spiritual act and I don’t mean the alcoholic type! Even of you are not religious try to remember what the Christmas message means in your own way.

All the Best
Barry Todd