Time for Change?

It's been a funny old time and things around us have changed quite rapidly.  We are often reluctant to embrace change but we are used to it creeping up on us slowly.  How many times do you hear the cry "It wasn't like that when I was young!" etc. etc.?

And yet it is estimated that up to 90 percent of us want to make changes to our lives and only a small number of those actually manage it.

Why is that?

Well those changes that you want to make don't just appear like magic!  You need to work on them or more precisely yourself.  And that can be a mountain to climb, but the benefits of doing so can help you to make the changes you are looking for and also make changes you didn't even realise you wanted.  You may feel that you need to revise and clarify your wishes with this newfound you.

We can brake this down into four main areas of change that will help you reach your goal.

When you read the areas and consider them think about how you could improve this area of your life:


Even if you have lots of plans, change can be unsettling and without this category you may find yourself lacking motivation


When faced with challenges it is easy to escape into a zone where you feel safe and avoid the challenges.


Having too many goals at the same time can lead to feeling overwhelmed.  Be more focused.  Nourish yourself with good food and satisfying activities.  Allow yourself time for you.


As you change your focus and behaviour then people begin to see you differently.
Often others are not ready for the change in you.  Try to mix with people that are also commited to change.

There are many things you can do to ensure that you are placing yourself for change.  Learning to make simple nourishing meals, taking up a yoga class or joining a gym, joining a focus or self-awareness group where you can share your successes and your challenges.

Let us know your experiences when trying to change.  The challenges and how you overcame them or what made you abandon your wishes.  It's good to share and give you insight into what you need to do to change your life.  I will reply to each one.


Andrea Lowe Hypnotherapist and Coach at Mind and Body Centre, Bury



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