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Happy People = creative solutions

Imagine your workplace with every staff member positively enthusing about coming into work.  Imagine a buoyant atmosphere with everyone invested in the success of your organisation.

Reality check;  Things can sometimes get in the way of this dream.
Conflicts in the workplace - often related to differing perspectives.
Preoccupation with home life problems -  nothing to do with work but they can dominate.

Enough of the negative but suffice to say that stress is the result.

This short video illustrates what we mean:

Even before Covid19 we noticed a trend of moving away from stressful jobs into a less lucrative but less  stressful workplace.  

Covid has brought new stresses and the desire to find work in an harmonious atmosphere of value and reward is even more prevalent now.
We found that almost by accident we were fulfilling this need for more calm and harmony as people were coming to us to help them to relax and cope with the changes and stresses of covid19 life.

Now more than ever, it is really important to keep your number 1 assets emotionally nourished.  A responsible and demanding job doesn't have to be stressful - it's all about the way you look at it.

We have found that our service on zoom has vitually become a friend that staff can turn to  when life feels tough.  A simple relaxation of the mind or body practiced regularly can magically change stress into enthusiasm and worry into confidence. 

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But don't take our word for it - let us show you - simply nominate a staff member to try us for a week and we're convinvced that you too will be convinced.

Be a part of the emerging mantra - enjoy life and live it to the full.

Your programme can accommdate the option to fit in with live classes or to use on demand at a more convenient time.  It is perfect for overwhelming moments or distracted minds to spend a few minutes in relaxation or motivation and come back buzzing.  Longer classes can be used from home or break times. 

The one to one service has proved invaluable for a quick adjustment to the thought pathway enabling a win win solution to conflict or problems.

I will telephone you to see if we can arrange your free trial but in the meantime if you want to contact me 07926 044414 or email me [email protected]`