Little Boxes, Little Boxes, but what's inside?

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Little Boxes, Little Boxes
Wonder what's inside?

We all have little boxes that we keep the lid on.  Why?  'Cos we're too scared to find out what's inside.  And what is inside is misguided fears and liberation from the ties to them.

Imagine landing on another planet far away in an altogether new galaxy.  Imagine exploring and planning how you would like to live.  What things you would change and how your new planet life would be.  All sounds fantastic so far doesn't it.

There you are busy discovering what new materials you can use to build your shelter, what you can eat and how you may need to form some kind of cultivation so that you never run out of food,  Imagine this great adventure as you become familiar with the new weather, new gravity, new sky and pretty much new everything. 

It truly could be a new beginning.
However, when you first arrived on the planet there was an area marked out and labelled as very dangerous, you were advised not to go there.  it was just a pile of old boxes.  occasionally there would be the odd weird noise coming from the boxes or a bit of a rattle and shake

Many people would be tempted to explore the boxes and to see what all the fuss was about.

Now imagine you decided to take a closer look and on each box was an old tatty label that said property of ......looking closer you discover it is YOU.... your name on the boxes.  How do you feel now?

Well if they're  yours, then presumably you can do what you want with them, including open them - no?

So are you going to open the boxes?

What will happen if you open the boxes?

What will happen if you don't?

There's the dilemma that we all face when we find little boxes in unexpected places.  And we all have them.  Those moments when a simple word of phrase can make you feel vulnerable or frightened.

Those topics that you just don't want to face.  Those attitudes that you want to hang on to even though, if you do take the time to think, you know they don't make sense.

Those things that so annoy you about yourself - limitations, inhibitions, fears.....  but you just don't want to know what's inside the box.

It is always worth the effort of taking that brave step into the unknown and finding your liberation from these inhibiting, limiting beliefs.

That is what hypnoanalysis can do for you - set you free.

Hypnoanalysis finds the boxes, the limiting beliefs that you have created at a time when they were useful to you, a time when your life was awkward and limiting your behaviour kept you safe - that could be the simplest thing like not being disapproved of by a strict aunt etc.
You learned that way of thinking and decided that it was a safe way to behave.  it istill is safe but it is also locking you in  a cage where your freedom of choice for behaviour is limited.
Finding the reasons for these behaviours is so freeing - everyone should do it.
Andrea lowe

Senior Therapist and Trainer.

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