May'12 yoga retreat

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We just got back from another wonderful weekend, thought it feels a lot longer.  Everyone felt chilled and relaxed when they left and quite a few of participants had some very special reasons for being tense.  One had just completed 6 years of study and graft achieving a Doctorate, another had been in hospital the night before and didn't get home until 4.30, getting back up again to come along to the retreat, very brave but we could all see the relaxation beginning to embed as the weekend progressed.  The retreat helped another participant to discover that at home, she needed a new mattress (and also a way of paying for it).

Despite a computer crash loosing all the data from last year we got the rooms right for the people who came last year and who had requested the same room again.  We were pleased to see some of the improvements that had been made to the centre and the grounds since last year and in particular the sunken garden had a face lift and is now a well designed feature with a budda introduced near network of new pools - we really wanted to hold a mediatation session in this area but it was too cold and windy to be comfortable..

The link below will lead you to a selection of short videos taken mostly during down times when everyone was just chilling and doing their own thing.

New retreaters fell in love with the centre as we have all done in the past and everyone was very comfortable in having a private room with facilities.  We are planning another one for September.

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