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Hypnotherapy is probably one of the most misunderstood words in the English language.

To some it means  profound change, to others it means hogwash, yet others would say scary and loss of control.

All of the above could be right and could be right off the ball depending on that  perception again - how you look at it.

Hypnosis is not a lot really, it is the skill of the person doing the therapy part of hypnotherapy that makes the difference.

Hypnosis is just a state of relaxation, particularly of the mind - nothing new there - most people experience it when they are very tired and go a bit zombiefied or just after waking when they might not be quite their normal selves.

The most fascinating thing about hypnotherapy (the therapy part) is unravelling the intricacies around a particular problem, behaviour or belief.

In some ways you could compare a hypnotherapist to that little guy, Rumplestiltskin who has the skill to quickly untangle the silk and sort out the buttons or whatever the king demanded.  Hopefully, unlike Rumplestiltskin, the hypnotherapist does not use his skill to barter for new born babies and such like.

So if you go to a hypnotherapist who is able to understand your problem and find a solution reletaviely quicklyy - hopefully you will think hypnotherapy is profound.

Yet one who is not that engaged and reads a script from a book giving you an 'off the peg' inferior experience might be decribed as practising hogwash.

Yet again the one who likes to talk about putting you into a trance and taking control, talking about him/herself and how good they are, generally taking the credit for your subtle changes if any might be described as scary and taking control of you.

I know which was I am proud to be.

If you aspire to being a good hypnotherapist Rumplstiltskin style then a foundation course in the skills behind hypnotherapy is starting later this month.  The 25th October and you can still join it.  It's one day per month for 6 months and you could go straight onto the hypnotherapy Training Course afterwards - or not.

Cost is £360 ring me and arrange to come in for a chat about it.

Or read more about it here

Andrea (stiltskin) Lowe.






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