100 ways to give yourself a break

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laughterThere are many ways to give yourself a break and there are many types of break you can benefit from. here are some ideas:

  • Physical Break
  • Mental Break
  • Emotional Break
  • Responsibility Break
  • Technology Break
  • Health and Well Being Break

We thought we would give you the opportunity to come up with some great ideas for giving yourself a break - any kind of break.  We're aiming to get at least 100 ideas and the most creative, enjoyable and accessible idea will get a prize.  So too will the 100th suggestion. Responses to a suggestions i.e. support for will influence the judging so feel free to comment on posted suggestions.

Just a sentence will do or if you have a heart warming story that illustrates your suggestion go for that too. 

We're eager ready and waiting so go ahead and share your knowledge.  Only we will know your email address which we will need in case you win and we do monitor all responses to prevent unwanted spammers.

Get a prize for the best suggestion (add as many as you like) and a prize for the 100th suggestion too.

First choice goes to the best suggestion.  Closing date - halloween!  Prizes to choose from  include:

  • A Laughter Workshop for you and up to 10 friends (T & C apply)
  • Your choice from a selection of books
  • An Aqua Detox
  • A tootsie Treats foot spa and electronic infra red massage

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  1. Andrea

    Lynda won the prize which was a laughter workshop for herself and up to 10 friends. There will be another chance to win for comments left over November and December, so get you thinking caps on and start typing. You don't need 10 willing friends , we'll make up the numbers for you. In the meantime here are a few more suggestions(these don't count towards the 100): Have a long soak in a bubble bath. Put your feet up and watch your favourite film in the middle of the afternoon. Soak your feet in a bowl of warm water with foot soak (or a foot spa) and then give them a good massage with a foot cream. Massage yourself. Join a yoga class Do some deep breathing with your eyes closed Spend 5 minutes looking up at the sky Go walk in trees or up a hill with views Write a letter to yourself letting you know all the good things that you appreciate about yourself and read it regularly. Tell yourself it's good to make mistakes and be wrong sometimes. Use mistakes as a learning experience and appreciate the opportunity. Appreciate every second of your life and get the most out of it. Unlike this offer your seconds are not repeated. When they're gone they're gone. Enjoy what you are doing, it just makes life easier. Accept that the way you see things is unique to you and others see things differently.

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  2. Lynda Robertson

    Watch a funny film/movie. A good belly laugh is great to lift your mood. Or even join a choir as singing lifts your spirits.

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