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Well you might think the title would be enough for me to pick up that book!  You'd be wrong though.  This book by Frances Fyfield is a study in relationships between mother and daughter.  Love and hate, pity and anger all have their place.  As the story unfolds as a lot of history is revealed. 

The mother is suffering from alzheimers and although in the early stages it has made her moody and unpredictable.

The daughter has gone 'home' with a charitable do good heart she thinks... she gradually finds that she isactually looking for the love she never experienced as a child.  Disturbing and real it is a very good read.

I have reviewed a book by this author previously, you maight re seems to spend a lot of time getting to know the characters and their experiences ecall, she is a lawyer and that occupation is reflected in her research and writing.  as she tends to have what seems to be very accurate knowledge of each topic she writes about.

Recommended if you like to study people or if you are a therapist.

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