The Power of Your Thoughts

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What we vividly imagine.

ardently desire. enthusiastically act upon.

must eventually

come to pass.

Colin P Sisson

It is only an illusion

that you do not have

what you want.

Sanyana Roman

The two statements above appear at first glance to be directly in conflict with each other.  Is there room for some kind of understanding between the two.

The first statement seems to say that if you want something enough and are prepared to put a lot of emotional energy into that desire it will eventually come to you.  It is not suggesting that you are industrious - just determined in your wishes.  This is not the first phrase to reflect the sentiment someone famous from long ago believed that what the mind could imagine would eventually become possible.

Who was it and what was the exact quote? (Prize for the first correct answer)  Just respond to the blog with your answer.  All replies are authorised before being published and each reply is timed and dated.  So make sure you get there first for the prize.

The second statement could be encouraging you to reflect on what you have and be contented with it.  That's not a bad thing.  Often comstamtly wanting more out of life is a sign of an underlying problem and no matter what you achieve you still want more. 

The world would be a very different place if we didn't have people who acted on that need and achieved great results.

So you have to decide whether it is an unsatisfied and burning ambition that you ae holding on to but not doing anything about or just a way a thinking that has got a bit warped and there a few emotional issues that maybe need looking at to enable you to truly appreciate and feel contended with what you have.

By the same token it could be a bit of a kick in the derriere as it is reminding you that if you are discontented with your life, you are accepting your life as it is and unless you start to really want something more you are constantly reaffirming your acceptance of your life as it is.  Possibly not even acknowledging or clearly knowing what you really desire.  Then it's time for a bit of soul searching and rethinking to get your desires aligned.

Please let us know your thoughts on this and any examples of inspiring life stories relating to the above. 

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