Yoga and Insomnia

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Yoga has always been able to help people sleep better and now scientific evidence is building to support these claims.

More than half of us struggle to nod off and women are three times more likely than men to suffer say new statistics from the Great British Sleep Survey, which suggests the nation's health is suffering as a result of insomnia.

Professor Espie of Glasgow University, co-founder of sleep organisation Sleepio, which commissoned the survey, said the results pointed to a "real medical issue that should be taken seriously".

A quarter of those with insomnia had suffered for more than 11 years and it brings added costs to the NHS in sleeping medication prescriptions

Yoga can help with specific gentle postures, breathing and meditation that settles down the nervous system.
Stress, hormonal change, medical and emotional problems and certain medications can cause insomnia and while there is no blanket solution yoga can be a great helper. Also, make sure that you choose the right mattress for sleep. 


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