Wht Will Power is not all it's cracked up to be.

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The general belief is that if you have will power you can acheive anything.  

That is true to some extend.  If you are determined you become focused on your target and can with continued focus you are more likely to acheive.

However, that focus is a lot of hard work and can become an obstacle within the family as that special time can become inevitably limited.  On top of that will power doesn't work with everything and it has to be said, can be a constant internal battle.

Will power is beyond useless with habits and things you are trying to stop doing like smoking or eating inappropriately.

I can tell you why and it will make complete sense.

If you see your will power as a simple entity that sees everything that you say literally and makes a picture of it  then you might be beginning to understand.

Still struggling?, Then try this.  Have you ever thought about something you would like to eat but manage to resist?  Could be chips, a fancy cake, some sweets or chocolate, a take away generally dripping in fat or your favourite naughty thing.

Yes you feel proud to have resisted, but have you noticed how that original tempting thought keeps periodically coming back until eventually you give in?

That's will power for you.  It is persistent so you can see how useful it could be.  You can also now see how absolutely worse than useless it is to try to use will power for some things.  

Using will power to stop smoking would put you through some kind of torture as you reinforce the piscutre of yourself smokign every time you try to imagine not doing.  You can't imagine something that isn't there. 

The same goes for weight and eating problems, focusing on what you are trying not to do will only reinforce your desire to do it.

To really acheive your desires without putting yourself through the wringer you need to rethink your desires.  instead of not wanting something see what it is that you will achieve when you succeed.  Focus on that positive thought and trust that you can get there without all that inner fighting.

Voila - meet the new you!

written by 

Andrea LoweSenior Hypnotherapist and Trainer

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