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In my opinion, as a hypnotherapist, I have one of the best jobs in the world.  However, people often tell me they don't think they could sit listening to peoples problems all day.. I just don't look at it like that and my jobs worth comes on the days when clients walk out of my consulting room never to be seen again but very much more happy and optimistic than when they first came in.

I have noticed that we seem to have several highly qualified young people who have chosen to come over here and work in a coffee bar or a restaurant and they seem to be very consientious, thorough and pleasant. Yet if they chose to look at life in a different way they could let the fact that they are apparently wasting their qualifications make them less conscientious and motivated more stressed and miserable..

Any Job can be a satisfying experience if that's the way you choose to look at it or it can be a nightmare too and it's more often than not your choice..

Some jobs can be very satisfying in a personal development sort of way.  Now don't laugh but if a roadsweeper chose to sweep in the moment and use the experience as an almost meditive personal practice then they would have a fantastic job and would surely appreciate the simple things in life.  Plus they would be proud of the cleanliness they had meaningfully created..

Then again the person with the high-powered, demanding and 'stressful' job may put so much value in the status  that they can't step back and take the longer view.  When you think about it, a job is to give you a life not to take over your life!  You do what you can and what you can't will remain - no matter how stressed that pile of unfinished work might  make you feel.  Stressing about it makes it harder to complete and makes you miserable for yourself and the people you live you life with.

There are exceptions when other peoples wellfare is dependant on you and yo7u sim0ply have too much to do so the responsibility can weigh heavy, but still there is a choice of ways to look at it.

What I am getting around to saying in my long drawn out way is surely it is better to do a job that you might be over qualified for and put your best effort into it so that you are gaining great experience and personal development than to sit at home waiting for the 'right' job to come along.

Life is changing and gradually and I don't believe it will ever be the same again.  I believe that we will eventually spend a lot more time developing ourselves and our spirituality (for want of a better word) and less on commercial status.  Wealth will have to be less important in the future as it has spiraled out of control.

Take pleasure in the sim0ple things in life.  Nature offers fantastic spectacles if we can take the time to look.  A babbling brook, a fantastic sunset/rise,  ice on a lake and the rest. 

Most of all make y9ur job work for you rather than the other way round.






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