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Zen is a perfect example of cafe culture.  We are a vegan and vegetarian cafe under our therapy centre, training academy and yoga studio.

The people who come into our cafe are very special because they are part of a much bigger picture called serendipity. Serendipity means that there is no such thing as coincidence but that everything falls into place as opportunity.  You can choose to see it or you can choose to not notice. 

We are so lucky that most of our customers in the cafe are 'seers'.  Many who come in are meat eaters (and we certainly don't serve meat) so they must be drawn by the undercurrent of serendipity.

I am constantly amazed at how often someone meets a new friend and they have so much in common or are able to help each other so much one way or another.

How many times do you see people in a cafe making conversation with strangers and getting into deep conversations about a common interest.

Serendiptiy - don't you  just love it?


Zen - 26

We're open for serendipity experiences (oh and a great selection of home cooked dishes, our own blend herbal drinks, selection of fresh coffee (3 strengths) and good old fashioned leaf tea drinking from a selection of teas for the connoisseur.  Orange Pekoe seems to be very popular at the moment - a very velvety experience for the first cup followed by a strong bitter green tea taste for the second cup (in my humble opinion)


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