Corniest Cracker Jokes

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For me, they're so bad that they make you laugh.  Laughing brings a little light and cheer into your life so go ahead read them and enjoy them add some and comment. Don't worry, it's magic to be weird.  Here we go:-

Answers below but not necessarily in order!!!

I bought my husband a wooden leg for Christmas - it wasn't his main present just a Stocking Filler haha

Why does Father Christmas not come down the chimney any more?

What is a Pelicans favourite TV show? 

Where do the relay teams go for their training?

What did Adam say to eve the day before Christmas?

Why did Santa's helper go to the doctor?

Santa: What's the terrible noise outside?


The Bill haha

Because he has Claustrophobia haha

Andover haha

Mrs Claus: It's rain dear (say it out loud) haha

Because he had low elf-esteem haha

It's Christmas Eve haha


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  1. Nicholette

    Christmas is a great time of year for telling jokes and stories. The birth of baby Jesus being the most well known. Now a virgin birth I can believe.....but three wise men, no way!!!

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