Yoga Mantra (Chanting) 9th May

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Stars and Heart

Only one thing went wrong with the Yoga Mantra classes.  The video recording didn't work.  we would have loved to have given you a sample of what it was like.

Loved by all who attended (even the reluctants who were dragged along by someone else - (you know I mean you) so much so that it is going to become a regular monthly class on our calendar. So look out for the next one.

To try to describe the experience would be futile but Barry was quite correct in saying that it clears the cobwebs from your mind and I for one feel really refreshed and invigorated by the experience - even after a good nights sleep.

Maybe some of the other attendees will be able to give a better description.

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  1. Karen Nolan

    This class was amazing. considering how tired and sluggish I felt before hand I wasn't expecting so feel so energised afterwards. The chanting goes nicely on it's own and with each pose and is done at a nice pace. I am looking forward to doing it again

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  2. Mandy Hall

    Wow, what a wonderful evening, thank you Barry! From the cold, wet and windy evening we were welcomed into the warm and cosy yoga studio. Throughout the class we worked with mantra yoga and the energy vibrations of sound created a wonderful healing buzz combined with a relaxing yoga practice. To say that it clears the cobwebs is very true, the class energised me yet relaxed me deeply all at the same time. A truly warming experience and restorative class, can't wait for the next one! Om shanti.

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