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Confessions of a Sociopath by M E Thomas

If you know someone who seems to have no careWho is able to get their own way through manipulation
Who exhibits charm - but is it sincere?
Who is intelligent, imsincere and a convincing liar
Shows lack of remorse or shame

and a whole long list of other possible indicators then you probably know a sociopath or possibly if the description fits then you may also be a sociopath.

This book is a personal account of the writers discovery that she is a sociopath.  It tells of her life from being young until the present, her relationships (mainly unsuccessful) and her career in many powerful and demanding jobs.  She tells of how her sociopathy helped her to cope with the jobs with the least of effort and commitment until her 'bluffing' was discovered when she would successfully move on to something else until that too lost her interest.

She explains that although in certain circumstances childhood experiences can turn one into a bad sociopathic killer for instance, there are also very successful sociopath who toe the line.  She explains throughout the book and stresses that her need to behave within the rules is not because of fear but other needs which sometimes tend to contradict this person who is seeming to say she doesn't care.

Apart from the shocker right at the beginning of the book when she tells of heartlessly killing an animal that most of us would have rescued she seems to be typical of a child that was treated with, not neglect but an uncaring attitude and I couldn't help feeling throughout the book that this is a plucky person who was determined to get through life successfully inspite of her upbringing (which she stresses was the right one for her as a sociopath).Though she does hint of the lack of emotioan from her family.

She is unable to really trust anyone. She tells of studying people to find their achilles heal and then using it to manipulate them in one way or another.

I can't help feeling that all the heartlessness is a way of preventing anything hurting her and causing her emotional pain.  She doesn't stick to a job, she doesn't stick to a fella, she doesn't care about friends unless she needs them.  She's self sufficient and a bit of a rebel.  The only things she does seem to care a little about is not doing anything to upset her family.

The book certainly seems to reflect a little lonliness and saddness, confusion about herself and extreme attempts to 'feel'.

It is said that one in twenty five of us are sociopaths but that is just a label - does it mean it can't be treated?  Maybe the label is another way of saying this is where I want to be - leave me alone I'm safe here.  Take the label away and are there possibilities?

If you are living with or have a relationship with a sociopath there is one thing that seems to be certain.  You will never get the better of them and they will always want to control you, usually by manipulation - you know, encouraging you to believe the worst of yourself.  So if you find yourself with someone like that, don't worry, they won't feel it if you just up and leave. (But they may not like it so look out for the charm onslaught of manipulation to establish the upperhand once again)

If you have or do read this book we would really like to read your thought on it.


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