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Have you got vision problems?  Do you need spectacles?

The eyes are muscles like many other parts of our body.  If they are not exercises correctly then they get weak and stop working at their most eficient.  You may have seen the black glasses with holes in them being used to exercise the eye focusing abilities and the eyes exercises by Aldous Huxley and later Bates and others who all claim that regualr exercise can improve your eyesight and reduce the need for vision aids.

For generations the people of Tibet have used natural methods to correct visual weakness and improve their eyesight. Chief among the methods employed has been the use of certain exercises which have proved useful over long periods of time. The figure below was designed by Tibetan Lama Monks to give the necessary corrective exercises and stimulation to the muscles and nerves of the optical system. The eye Muscles focus similar to a camera shutter. The purpose of these exercises is to strengthen the eye muscles to improve vision. A few minutes practice morning and evening will bring immediate effects and over a period of months a most definite improvement will result.  WE think they are a little easier than other methods we have come across.  Why not give it a go!

improve eyesightt

How to do it.

These exercises are to be done without eyeglasses or contacts. Do each movement for 30 seconds while in a sitting position, spine straight and do not move the head side to side. Move only the eyes.

First print off the image and pin it on a flat surface (wall etc)

1.) With the palm of each hand cup both closed eyes to relax them.

2.) Move the eyes clockwise around the outer circle of dots

3.) Repeat this movement in a counterclockwise rotation

4.) Move the eyes back and forth between the dots at 2 and 8 o’clock

5.) Repeat this movement back and forth between dots at 4 and 10 o’clock

6.) Blink the eyes briefly and finish therapy with the palming same as exercise #1

Repeat exercises as desired being careful to avoid strain. After beginning therapy wear eyeglasses and contacts as little as possible. In time these crutches will become unnecessary.

The process of repair and the reforming of the curvature of the back of the eye require specific exercise and the increase of the nutrients used only by the eye for its repair and maintenance. Like any other muscle the more exercise the more nutrients are needed.

The nutrients will reverse the loss of light processing and by taking extra selenium remove the deposits of ceroid lypofucsin, rancid vegetable oils, stored as cellular and subcelluar lipids in the form of darkened and discolored spots on the urea.

This type of damage is from the vegetable oils in the polyunsaturated configuration of the oils treated with hydrogen, (Trans fatty acids), causes the rancidity (free radical damage) of cellular fats.

Practitioner grade Selenium available from Mind & Body 

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