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  1. Back in the day when you were ill there were lots of remedies available to help you get better.  Not only that but there were regular seasonal precautions that were just simply part of life,  Tonic to prepare for winter, preparations to cool you down for the summer months (I think there was summer then).  People relied on themselves and went to the doctor as a last resort.

    These days it seems to have turned on its head.  Pharmaceutical companies are reasearching all the time to develop new drugs to combat each and every complaint imaginable.  They have done some fantastic work in certain areas but on the money trail they have tried to make our health perfectly comfotable and undisturbed.

    Well in the interested of a visit to the dark side to appreciate the light the the odd mild illness now and then has got to be good for us, for our immunity and our psyche.

    Yet we turn, straight away, to the pharmaceutical solution which is super fast acting in many cases, so we can get straight back on with our lives without interuption.  Yet those very things that we take most often have nasty side effects, that gradually introduce new discomforts, for which there is an eqully fast and effective pharmaceutical waiting on the sidelines. And so it goes on until your body can no longer cope with all the wellness that the drugs are promoting for you.

    The alternative is to take a natural approach.  Many drug are developed from examples in nature  being  chemically replicated  in a much more intense form anyway.

    The trouble is,  the natural way is a milder and more long drawn out way but many would argue that while you are drawing out your recovery there is also a good chace that you could be prolonging your life.

    There are certainly some cases where pharmaceutical drugs are neccessary and pain in once such instance where if it is of a certain intensity the stress to your body and well being is more damaging to you than taking pain killers, but there is nothing wrong with attempting to take the minimum that you need and introducing natural ways to supplement and possibly  cut back on your drugs.

    When taking natural sustances for any condition it is not good to take too much of one sustance and so it is essential to take several sources diligently so that you have a constant supply of the enhancing natural remedy in your body.  Eventually (and it could take several months) you will find that you are developing  a resistance to the condition to you trying to combat and it may be feasible to cut back on any drug.  This should always be done with the cooperation of your doctor or consultant.  Unfortunately some are not willing to cooperate but many are very pleased that you are interested in self-help.

    It is now recognised that for most conditions your mind plays a big part too.  If you allow the condition to dominate your life you will feel it more intensly and therefore need more medication.  However, if you are determined to ignore it as far as possible and carry on with your life as best you can the intensity will be less.  An example of this is with children who get a bump and cry.  Distracting them or even choosing a designer plaster to apply distracts them from the hurt.  Cuddling and sympathising prolongs the crying.

    While a bit of both is nice it is true that if you are thinking about the pain or discomfort you feel it more.  Hypnosis for pain works on this principle.

    You can take natural fresh herbs as an infustion for instance or you can take in the form of supplements that, if they are of practitioner qualitiy have carefully measured doses.

    You really should take great care though and ask advice or seek a consultation with a nutritional therapist or herbalist if your condition is complicated.

    Some herbs have contra indications for some conditions and therefore should be avoided.

     if you have any particular condition that you would like to share and get some advice on then put the details below and we will do our best to give yuou some guidelines about what could be helpful but we cannot give specific advice on line and any advice would not replace a consultation with your medical professional.




  2. If you take walks in parkland and country lanes you may be noticing nettles starting to Spring up!
    So what? You might say I can take them and even prefer to leave them because brushing too close can leave me with a nasty rash that may or may not be relieved by rubbing the juice of an adjacent dandelion or dock leaf into the offending area.

    Okay then nettles can be unpleasant if not handled properly but if handled with care they can bring us a raft of possible health benefits.

    Many people don’t realize that nettle if nothing else can brew an excellent herbal tea that compares well with green tea and other herbal brews and at this time of year when there is an abundance of fresh nettle about it tastes much better than the dried tea bag version.

    So what other health benefits has nettle to offer.?

    Like a number of other green herbs nettle acts as a diuretic but it has also been associated with expectorant qualities and pain relief as well as a tonic.

    It has been known to help with anaemia and arthritis and rheumatism, hey fever and other allergic disorders.

    Nettle has been used in hair care products as it is said to stimulate the follicles and regulate excessive scalp oil.

    If none of these impresses  you then drinking nettle tea, eating nettle soup or nettle spinach can supplement your mineral intake if you are short as the nettle contains up to ten minerals including: calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sulphur and zinc.
    If that’s not enough it also contains fatty acids and a number of B vitamins.

    Remember, while nettle is not guaranteed to solve health problems it may help with some ailments and as we have said at the very leats makes an excellent tea!

    Some nettle tips. When gathering nettle use gloves and plastic bag to protect you from stinging .
    Wash thoroughly in running water to clear off any dirt and bugs.

    If making tea pouring boiling water over some leaves will neutralize the stinging effect as will cooking if you are making soup or spinach.

    Barry Todd (Nutritional Therapist)

  3. No it's not a new messaging service we're introducing:

    Sniffing it can improve your memory by up to 73%

    From Shakespeare singing the praises of the memory enhancing effects of Rosemary research has now produce good evidence to suggest that it is in fact true.

    Sniffing Rosemary (the herb I hesitate to add) in any form helpw with future memory - so that's remembering to do something at a specific time, remembering what you did go into the other room for etc.

    It doesn't just help with memory though.  Rosemary is and excellent mood uplifter and it is said to keep you young.

    It's said to help with pain relief although any natural pain relief that you take only goes so far and you need to do lots more by taking several herbs and foods that are good for pain relief and pretty much all the time too.  If you do tackle pain in this way it can at worst mean that you need to take less pharmaceuticals and at best begin to help you to cope without any drug intervention at all.

    It's also anti bacterial and great for the digestion.  It's  a diuretic amd liver detox (Hippocrates used to use it for this).  It increases your circulation and majes your breath smell sweet and it boosts your immunity.

    Making a fresh herbal infusion is aa great way to use Rosemary and you can add other herbs too.  Drinking dried herbs just doesn't taste the same.  Use it abundantly in your cooking, it's similar to sage, burn Rosemary incense for an uplifting and and alter atmosphere, use Rosemary essential oils in the bath or burner.  If youa re using pure essential oils in the bath they will just float so use a bland bubble bath or some creamy milk to break up the molevules and let them get to your body in the water. 

    We will be making good use of fresh Rosemary for the after class drinks so don't forget to come along to classes and get uplifted in more ways than one.

    We have Rosemary growing in our garden and will bring some in if you let us know next time you are in the centre. I like to patiently pluck a few of the little flowers that spring up around the end of the branches and add them to salads.  it gives a mild Rosemary flavour and fragrance that is more acceptable to eat raw in a salad.

    We also have a pure Rosemary incense priced at 75p or Auroshika or £1.25 for the Stamford  range both are pure and hand rolled.

    Caution if pregnant as there are contra indications for this herb when taken in a medicinal dose.

    P,S, Don't forget to share this with you friends ... if you can remember who they are! 


  4. Here are some of the health benefits of coconut oil:

    It is a good choice for cooking with as it is slower to oxidise and less altered by heat.

    The fat in coconut oil converts in the body  to energy rather than fat it is a medium chain fatty acid and is the nearest to that found in breast milk.  The recommended daily intake is 31/2 tablespoons but you should not rush into taking that amount, especially if you are on a low fat diet.  You could initially experience diahorrea

    If you imagine all the things that a mothers breast milk offers the newborn baby then you can expect that support from coconut oil:

    It enhances the immune system,

    Is antiviral and antibacterial,

    It's heart friendly

    Great for the skin as a moisturiser (though a bit greasy) and can be used as a deodorant as the enzimes react with perspiration and neutralise the odour.

    Lauric acid is one of the wonder ingredients of coconut oil and it  converts into monolauric when digested into the body.

    Recent research studies have shown that Monolauric Acid has the ability to help the body fight off viruses.  Monolauric acid is an important agent which is natural and fights against foreign invaders like viruses.  This particular acid was first found in human breast milk when scientists were studying antiviral properties.  Monolauric acid is a natural agent with absolutely no potentially dangerous side effects in humans.  Some viruses can cause a host of problems in individuals while others don’t seem to cause any care for concern.  Viruses are overall interesting in how they replicate and enter the human body.  Many scientists have thought there has been a causal relationship between some viruses to the development of cancers and even Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; this has never been proven at all.  Problems for finding ways to fight viruses include: antibiotics have no effect on viruses, many drugs which have been researched have extremely damaging effects on the body’s good cells, and new viruses make it hard for medications to even work.  This acid is a sage alternative supplement to safely destroy viruses.

    Viruses cannot live outside of the body without a host for an extended period of time.  If they are expelled by one host like a sneeze or cough they must be taken up by a new host almost immediately or they will of course die.  Many viruses hide in body fat so that they are hidden from the immune system which wants to attack them.  Monolauric acid enhances the immune system against fungus and viruses.   It is extremely effective is fighting off the cold and flu and should be taken on a daily basis to be effective.  A study performed in Atlanta, Georgia showed that Monolauric acid was extremely effective in treating most viruses.  However, this acid has no effect on rotaviruses, the polio virus, and the virus associated with encephalitis.   Treatment doesn’t have to depend on pharmaceuticals.

    Coconut oil medicinal uses:

    Virgin coconut oil tastes and smells like coconut. Expeller pressed oil has no scent or taste and both types can be used medicinally.

    --Kills bacteria causing urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, gum disease, staphylococcus, MRSA...
    --Destroys fungus causing candida.
    --Kills viruses causing flu, infectious disease, typhoid, HIV...
    --Inhibits parasite growth such as tapeworm, liver flukes, giardia...
    --Eases acid reflux, relieves gallbladder disease.
    --Enhances proper bowel function and lowers incidence of hemorrhoids when oil is consumed.
    --Relieves and heals intestinal disorders, ulcers, colitis, IBS, and Crohn's disease.
    --Stabilizes blood sugar and insulin production.
    --Eases neuropathies and itching from diabetes.
    --Protects against osteoporosis and reduces problems from cystic fibrosis.
    --Enhances pancreatic function, enzyme production and reduces pancreatitis.
    --Improves magnesium and calcium absorption, promoting stronger bones.
    --Reduces joint and muscle inflammation, supporting repair of tissues.
    --Regulates thyroid function.
    --Protects against cancers of colon, breast, and digestive tract.
    --Medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) protect against development of Alzheimer's disease.
    --MCFA strengthen heart and circulatory system protecting against artherosclerosis and heart disease.
    --Prevents oxidation of fatty acids.
    --Provides antioxidants to fight free radicals slowing aging and degenerative diseases such as arthritis.
    --Relieves symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.
    --Reduces incidence and intensity of epileptic seizures.
    --Stabilizes female hormones reducing hot flashes and vaginal dryness during menopause.
    --Lessens symptoms associated with prostate enlargement.
    --Strengthens the liver and protects against degeneration.
    --Soothes earaches when mixed with garlic and olive oil.

    Topical uses for coconut oil:

    --Forms a chemical barrier on skin to protect and heal infections.
    --Topical applications relieve pain and swelling from hemorrhoids.
    --Moisturizes and softens dry skin.
    --Reduces bags, puffiness and wrinkles under eyes.
    --Lessens occurrence and appearance of varicose veins.
    --Preps skin before shaving.
    --Mixed with baking soda, coconut oil makes an effective toothpaste.
    --Soothes sunburned skin and promotes healing of burns and blisters.
    --Heals psoriasis and eczema lesions.
    --Stops pain, burning, and itching of bug and snake bites.
    --Prevents itching from poison ivy, oak, and sumac.
    --Promotes firm skin tone, preventing age spots, sagging and wrinkles.
    --Eliminates head lice.
    --Removes makeup easily.
    --Heals nail fungus under finger and toenails.
    --Prevent nosebleeds by applying light film inside nostrils.
    --In combination with cornstarch and baking soda, coconut oil makes an effective deodorant.
    --Makes an excellent massage oil, a natural personal lubricant, and great sunscreen.
    --Conditions hair, prevents split ends, reduces frizz, controls flaky scalp and dandruff.
    --Removes scars and stretch marks.
    --Repairs cracked, sore, dry nipples from nursing.
    --Heals diaper rash and removes cradle cap on babies.

    Nutritional uses for coconut oil:

    --Enhances absorption of nutrients and improves digestion.
    --Provides a quick energy source and stimulates metabolism.
    --Produces immediate, usable energy source rather than being stored as fat.
    --Increases metabolic rate, stabilizes body weight, and controls food cravings.
    --Enriches milk supply for breast-feeding women.
    --Doesn't form harmful by-products during cooking when used at high heat.

    So you see nature provides a way to deal with most things that are a threat to us.  It's only when we get impatient looking for a quick fix that we turn to drugs (often with side effects that require more drugs) that the viruses start to kick back and mutate.
    Information from
    Natural News
    Chiropractic organisation magazine
  5. Stars and Heart

    Only one thing went wrong with the Yoga Mantra classes.  The video recording didn't work.  we would have loved to have given you a sample of what it was like.

    Loved by all who attended (even the reluctants who were dragged along by someone else - (you know I mean you) so much so that it is going to become a regular monthly class on our calendar. So look out for the next one.

    To try to describe the experience would be futile but Barry was quite correct in saying that it clears the cobwebs from your mind and I for one feel really refreshed and invigorated by the experience - even after a good nights sleep.

    Maybe some of the other attendees will be able to give a better description.