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  1. Hearty Soup, sounds good and should be too.  However, to make it really ealthy and nutritious it's good to make sure the preservatives, flavours and other enhancers are clean health wise.

    This brings me to a pet annoyance I have.

    I like to make a thick soup so that a big steaming bowl full with a bit of crusty bread is almost enough for a meal.

    To make it thick it is not unusal to use white flour.  Regardless of wheat intolerances white flour has no nutritional value as far as I can see - it is just a bulker.  Why spoil a natural healthy meal with bulkers.

    It is so easy to thicken soup with nutritionally valuable ingredients.  

    Here are some examples:

    The picture show my carrot and red lentil soup.  It have only vegetables (carrot, onion, garlic, a bit of ginger etc) in it and it is very thick

    There is quite a lot of red lentil in that soup as it is one of the main ingredients.

    Yet red lentils added to a soup with   a gentler hand is not detecta ble yet still thickens.

    Potates thicken soup and if you are adding to a stew for instance they will break up if you give hem a bit longer to cook.

    Nutritional yeast flakes add a savoury flavour to soup. They thicken and enhance the natural flavour of the soup.

    Pea Protein is a little more demanding to be overlooked, but added to a vegetable soup they blend in nicely.  Barley is a great thickener and aso fab in a barley broth.  Dried beans and pulses always soak up water but need planning into the the recipe.

    I hope that this has given you food for thought.  i really believe that when we eat we could be a lot more conscious of why we are doing it.  To maintain our healthy body.  If we bore that in mind it make making eating even more enjoyabe.thick soup